Gary Ray

I don’t remember much of my kindergarten year, but there is one memory I hold steadfast to my heart.  One day at school my class had a rehearsal for a show that was coming up. We were all on stage positioned here and there among the many curtains that were all around us. During a short break my cute classmate Diane and I found ourselves together deep within the curtains and naturally started kissing in what we thought was privacy. Well the teacher saw everything and told my mother what happened when she came to pick me up. That evening after dinner my mother told me to go sit in the attic for a while as punishment for my bad behavior. The thought of being up there by myself was frightening since I never really spend any time in this dark scary corner of our house. I reluctantly made it up there and sat in the dim silence terrified, crying.  After several minutes my father showed up with a flashlight and radio. He turned the radio on low, put the flashlight in my hand and quickly slipped back downstairs before my mother caught-on. Now with light and music, the monsters were gone and I felt safe, out of danger. I will always be grateful to my dad for that.  Two years later he passed away from leukemia. This cherished memory is one of only a handful I have of him.

Gary Ray ist heute Theaterschauspieler, Regisseur und Autor. Er lebt in New York City.

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Wenn Du auch Lust hast, dich vorzustellen und zwischen drei und hundert Jahren alt bist, lade dir den Fragebogen runter und schicke mir diesen ausgefüllt zusammen mit einem Bild von dir an

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